Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Crown for a Prince

I just can't stop!  I enjoyed making a princess crown for Gigi, and then my sister wanted one for my nephew Ty so 24 hours later, here it is!  I used the same tutorial from juicybits.

I like it!  That's supposed to be a snowflake so his crown is seasonal.  Not such a great snowflake, I'm afraid. I tried three different times, but this is the best I got! I bought new crystal beads for ice and a robot (?) for the middle.

He'll be four in January.  Happy almost birthday Ty!


Wendy said...

Very cool, I'll be making one of these for Sophie's 3rd birthday!
Merry Christmas!

Heidihey said...

Ty just got this in the mail and he loves it. He is the birthday prince for 10 more days! He's got a big noggin, but it fits perfectly. Thanks Wen