Thursday, December 4, 2008

Luca's Baby Nine Patch Quilt

Hello again,
I've so enjoyed seeing where everyone is visiting from on my locomap that I am inspired to post more often! Today I'm featuring a quilt comissioned by a friend of mine named Erin for a friend of hers. It's just a simple nine patch but I really like how the quilt turned out. I like the watery blue fabric next to the fish, I like the yellow/blue color scheme and I love the extra soft flannel for the back. I only use the highest quality quilting fabric from quilt stores, and I feel like the finished product really reflects that. This quilt is so much more snuggly in person!

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Anonymous said...

I love the satin bindings you put on your baby quilts. My own baby blanket (not a qult) had satin which I rubbed to pieces over the years, and now my daughter does the same to hers. You do beautiful work, and you have tremendous patience, hand pieceing everything!