Friday, February 6, 2009

Paw Paw's Coffee and Cream Quilt

Finally! This one is done and almost out the door. I wanted to make my father in law a couch snuggle quilt but I agonized forever over what I wanted to make. I'd never purchased a plaid knowingly in my life, but I wanted it to be flannel, plaid and suggestive of warmth. I chose a coffee theme and when I saw that gorgeous dark brown flannel I show here in the border, I knew it was perfect. By the way, the first photo doesn't do the border flannel justice. Look at it in closeup in the last photo to see how it carries the colors over.

The light brown print is a Civil War reproduction that is super soft. I like the colors, they are supposed to represent coffee, cream, black coffee and coffee with cream mixed in. The red is just for 'pop'. I painstakingly embroidered the curling steam coming from the coffee cups and the ID tag on the back: my second and third attempts at embroidery, respectively! (Ignore the pen marks behind the embroidery, they will come out the first time it's washed.) I even splurged on Warm and Natural batting, which is so lovely and blanket-like. I kind of copped out on the quilting and tied it very minimally.

I hope he likes it! What do you think? Click on the photos to see them larger and please leave me a comment!

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Margot said...

This is a great quilt! I like everything about it, especially the "retro" flavor. An older man who likes coffee and feels comfortable with flannel? You nailed it! I like this the best of your recent quilts!