Saturday, December 19, 2009

Look What I Made!

Hmmm...what could it be?  Sparkly, felty, flowery....


Starts with a G?

Someone's turning two today!

And of course she needed a birthday crown!  I've never made a crown before so I was very proud of how it turned out!  I even used fusible interfacing for the first time.  It said in the tutorial from juicybits that the colors and decorations should be seasonal to her birthday, so the crown is red, white and green and has chunks of ice with snow.  I love it! Even if I ironed the fusible to the wrong piece and had to go back to Joanne's twice.  I'm going to keep it and every year take the number off and make a new one to go on it.  It fit my six year old so I'm good for a while.  Oh! And a birthday tutu and shirt combo from etsy finishes the look.

Happy Birthday my little angel!


Sarah said...

Look! You have a little girl now! So cute!! Great job on the crown!


Jenny said...

very cute! happy birthday Gigi!

Grammy said...

Happy Birthday Gigi-Monster!! I love you and your beee-youtiful crown!

Grammy Margot