Saturday, August 30, 2008

Space Rocket Quilt


Ariel said...

A very similar experience happened to our good friends. They had a little boy too and named him Chase. He was beautiful, and it's comforting to remember that we'll all be together again someday :)

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

So sorry for your loose. I lost a girl @ 5 months pregnant.

patricia belyea said...

I have really appreciated cruising your blog. You are a wonderful maniac. I can not imagine doing all the projects that you do by hand!

I lost my first baby girl at 30 weeks. Today I have a 21-year old daughter and an 18-year old daughter. It was numbing when it happened. I really learned the meaning of the word "expecting" from the experience. I had my whole vision of my life wrapped around my expectations of becoming a mother.

Please visit my blog where I go a little crazy with "scissor-cut" quilting. I really do not like bending over a plastic guide with a rotary cutter. My quilting friends tell me that I would like it if I would get a better set-up.