Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Four Patch Baby Quilt Finish

I had so much time over the Thanksgiving break that I whipped up this simple little baby quilt at Mr. Babyquilts' request for a customer/friend of his. Here in slower than molasses all-by-hand-land, you don't often hear the words "whipped up", but I really did! It only took me about four days to finish it.

I was extra proud that I made it all from stash, except the silky binding. I had just purchased those cute dogs and thought they'd be perfect for a baby boy. Yes, those are the same gray Japanese elephants I used for the baby pants I made last month. I even used some of my precious Heather Ross goldfish bags, just to be nice :) You'll also notice Heather Bailey, Joel Dewberry, Jay McCarroll and of course, Amy Butler making appearances.

The back is Amy Butler Love dots that I had in stash for just such an occasion. I embroidered the year the baby will be born, since I don't know his name yet. Click photo to see embroidery better.



jess said...

Oh I love the elephants and the birdies. Nice, just whipped it up, eh? You are amazing!!! xx

Mama Pea said...

Very nice! Well done! You continue to amaze me!

Katie B. said...

Beautiful! I love that you whipped up a quilt by hand. That would take me months for sure!

MBolke said...

I am the grateful mom who received this gorgeous quilt today - definitely a one-of-a kind gift. We are a "blanket family", so we love it. The funny thing is that I kept going on and on with my husband about how much I love the goldfish, so thank you for including them! This quilt will be perfect for my sweet baby boy....I cant wait!