Saturday, January 31, 2009

Michiko's Japanese Quilt

This was my first attempt at applique and some of the teapot pieces were less than 1/2"! I almost gave up, but I persevered. There is a teapot, tea cup and tea leaf to commemorate the tea ceremony, a lilly pad and flower to represent Japanese koi ponds, a world to show we are all one people, the ocean to represent Japan as an island and three Texas flowers to honor her life in Texas. The sashing is a grey on black koi pond print with water and fish and the back is a panel.

I took the first photo in our backyard when our koi pond was still functional and beautiful. Now, not so much!

Sorry about the quality, I scanned them in from hard copies (those were the pre-digital days). Enjoy


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Heidi said...

From the people are strange category: she must be nuts not to display such a piece of art.