Thursday, November 6, 2008

House and Home Grandchildren Photo Quilt

Hello All, Today i'm featuring a photo quilt. I made one for my mom and one for my mother in law featuring their grandchildren. This one is the one I made for my mom. Each block is a house with soft photo corners pieced into the window. I was happy to find this method because before when I wanted photos in a quilt I printed them onto fabric. The photo corners are a better technique, as you can change the photo as the kids grow, using photos printed on regular or photo paper.

I hand embroidered everyone's names under their photo window so gramma knows where to put each child's photo. My mom has fewer grandchildren than my MIL so I included her three children also (me, my sister and my brother). Above is my my sister's block, my block and Gigi's.

Here is the quilt without photos and then with photos. You really need to click to enlarge to appreciate the cute motifs in each one. I made each block using motifs that reminded me of the person.

Enjoy! Wendy