Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Modern Baby Quilt Finished!

It's done!
Click here to see the beginnings of it and the directions on how to make the applique circles. I'm very proud of this quilt, because it's the first time I've made the quilting part of the design. I used to dislike the quilting, but I'm liking it more with every quilt. As an all-by-hand quilt maker I am usually in a hurry to finish. But not anymore!

Wolf is enjoying it for now, until it goes to my dear friend Sarah.

Here are closeups of the four quadrants of the quilt. I love how the quilting on some of them "breaks the plane" of the square it belongs to and draws the eye away from the block divisions.

I didn't mark any of the quilting. The circles naturally turned out at 1/4" intervals, I think because I'm used to "eyeing" quarter inch seams. For the straight lines I just took a plastic quilting ruler and ran it back and forth on the fabric, pressing down, so I could see the line.

Frog prince!

The owl and the pussycat!

Dandelion moon!

Hope you enjoyed seeing it as much as I enjoyed making it. Cheers!