Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Modern Art Quilt - Red, White and Pointy

My eight year old daughter recently picked this quilt out of some inspiration photos I had saved over the years as her big girl quilt. I wish I could find where I got the photo so I could attribute the praise properly, if anyone recognizes it, I'd love to give proper credit!

First, I took the photo and reverse engineered some measurements, based on how big I wanted the quilt to be.

Next I cut strips and started sewing and laying them out on the design wall.

 And voila, a top was born. I just eyeballed the measurements of the component pieces of each strip, I didn't end up using exact measurements.

For the back I just sewed together a mish mosh of leftover reds, it actually looks pretty cool that way.

The girl loves it! Thanks for looking. She took it to Girl Scout sleep away camp here (right).