Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Charity Hearts Quilt

I made this glowing little quilt for a charity raffle for a colleague of mine. Ours is a large organization, so I didn't know her family, but I heard they were having a tough time. I was happy I could help in some small way since I have neither money nor time to help in any other way. I'm just glad being quilters allows us these small opportunities.

I love the fabric in this one, it just glows! Click on the photos to see it up close.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Quilt Block Potholders

Here's a cute idea, make your friends quilt block potholders! I just bought heat proof batting at Hobby Lobby for like $2 a yard, made a few blocks and voila, easy presents. I included the front and back of each one because I like the backs kind of more than the fronts!
I used fabric by Amy Butler on all three (see if you can find them!), fabric by Jennifer Paganelli on the cake and the heart, fabric by Robert Kaufmann on the cake, and fabric by Heather Ross on the star.
Love, Wendy

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Grandmother's Flower Garden with vintage feedsacks

Hello All,
Today i'm featuring a queen size Grandmother's Flower Garden that I made from feedsacks I bought on Ebay. I used all vintage feedsacks, using whatever shades of pink were available for the background (slightly different shades) to make it even more authentic. I had my husband make me a lucite hexagon template, about 1/2" thick, with sandpaper on the back so I could cut my shapes easily. The hexagons started out at one inch, and so are 3/4" at finished size. I did it all by hand, as I don't own a machine, and did not use the paper piecing method. I just Y-seamed all the pieces into each other. So as a result, they are not "sharp" hexagons, maybe more rounded, but I still like them. Teaching yourself to quilt has advantages and disadvantages. If i'd read how I was supposed to have pieced these, I never would have made them in a million years!

I absolutely loved going through all the scraps and choosing patterns that went together for the blocks. Since I love to piece but hate to quilt, I had a quilting friend, Sue of needleweaver, hand quilt it for me. She did an amazing job (for FREE I might add!) and outline quilted every single one of the probably thousands of 3/4" hexagons. You can see her work in the 'white' photo. I loved making this quilt and I hope you like it too.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Luca's Baby Nine Patch Quilt

Hello again,
I've so enjoyed seeing where everyone is visiting from on my locomap that I am inspired to post more often! Today I'm featuring a quilt comissioned by a friend of mine named Erin for a friend of hers. It's just a simple nine patch but I really like how the quilt turned out. I like the watery blue fabric next to the fish, I like the yellow/blue color scheme and I love the extra soft flannel for the back. I only use the highest quality quilting fabric from quilt stores, and I feel like the finished product really reflects that. This quilt is so much more snuggly in person!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Big Baby Heart Quilt

Hello All,

Today i'm showcasing the first heart quilt I made for my baby. Check out the second one featured in my very first post on this blog! The second one is my favorite quilt out of all of those I've ever made.
This one was the first one I made for her, before she was born, but decided it was too big for a baby and I would hang it on the wall until she was a little older. I really liked choosing the princess fairy fabric for the borders and all the scraps for the blocks. She loves to stand on the hope chest and check out all the fabrics.
I double dog dare you to click on the photo of Gigi and not be bowled over by the cuteness!!!


Thursday, November 6, 2008

House and Home Grandchildren Photo Quilt

Hello All, Today i'm featuring a photo quilt. I made one for my mom and one for my mother in law featuring their grandchildren. This one is the one I made for my mom. Each block is a house with soft photo corners pieced into the window. I was happy to find this method because before when I wanted photos in a quilt I printed them onto fabric. The photo corners are a better technique, as you can change the photo as the kids grow, using photos printed on regular or photo paper.

I hand embroidered everyone's names under their photo window so gramma knows where to put each child's photo. My mom has fewer grandchildren than my MIL so I included her three children also (me, my sister and my brother). Above is my my sister's block, my block and Gigi's.

Here is the quilt without photos and then with photos. You really need to click to enlarge to appreciate the cute motifs in each one. I made each block using motifs that reminded me of the person.

Enjoy! Wendy

Monday, October 6, 2008

Look What Came in the Mail This Time!

My talented mother has made more dresses for Gigi! Here she is in the latest two. I admit, we got the inspiration for the flower pocket on the yellow and red one from one of the fabric designer's blogs (can't remember which one). Aren't these great???

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tim's T-Square Texas Tech Quilt

I made this quilt for my 20 year old son Tim - that's him in the top photo. It was really hard to photograph! The camera got all freaked out by the reds contrasting with the blacks. These are the best I could do. That's my five year old, Wolfgang in the second photo. He says hi.

I originally wanted to make these T-square blocks for the entire quilt but quickly realized that 3 hours per block, not including cutting, was a little ambitious for a 36 block quilt. So since he loves Texas Tech I alternated with squares of Tech fabric, which was funny because the Ts in the Texas Tech logo look exactly like the pieced T blocks and made it look like the Ts stood for Texas Tech all along, instead of Tim (which it was really supposed to be). I also made a mistake measuring the borders and cut them all the same length, when obviously two will be the same as the quilt across, but the other two need to compensate for the extra length provided by the first two. No matter, I just threw in corner squares. And voila! Another quilt was born. I make mistakes in every quilt I make, being self taught, but I soldier on and no one knows but me (and now you!). Shhh!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sydney's Quilt

Today i'm going to showcase one of my earlier baby quilts, one I made for a work friend's baby Sydney. I was still writing the letters big back then, and it is smaller than the ones I make now. What's funny is I didn't really know what I was doing, so some of the square patches came out as rectangles, and this gave the overall effect of pink flowers with yellow centers and green leaves. This baby is probably nearing middle school now!



Thursday, September 11, 2008

Look What Came in the Mail!

Not the baby, the dress! I already had the baby. My mother made the sweetest dress for her! Look how cute Gigi looks in this dress made from Heather Bailey Freshcut fabric. Isn't my mom talented? Thanks so much mom!

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Juliette's Cat Quilt

Who says babies have to be human? I made this cute little quilt for my friend Erin's baby, her cat Juliette. I was making Erin a wedding quilt and had enough material left over to make this great little quilt. Juliette loves it and so does Erin. Enjoy!


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Adrianna's Hearts

Hello All,
Today i'm featuring a quilt I made for my friend Sarah of prettybirdpress to give a friend of hers! I made these hearts for baby Adrianna, backing it with the snuggliest, softest flannel I could find. Enjoy!