Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pink and Black Quilt - Finished

I still don't understand why I keep taking on king size quilt projects here in all-by-hand land, but here's another one! I made this for a friend of the family, Chris. He's a very sweet 23 year old who needed something that was just his. I gave this to him last night and he was thrilled! He loves pink and black and skulls, so when I saw the border fabric I knew it was for him. That's Mr. Babyquilts posing with the quilt, for scale.

Chris picked out the centers, but I adjusted his choices to be mostly black, white, pink and purple. I just tied it on the corners this time.


Monday, December 27, 2010

Constellation - Heather Ross Quilt Continues

I've been off work, and will be this whole week, so the constellation of stars is growing! Click to see them better. Check out those seagulls! The big one is 20" but it's not the biggest I've got planned. I've got a couple of 30 inchers coming.

Amazing how quickly the day goes by when I'm supposed to be cleaning the house, but instead I'm quilting. I'd make a terrible stay at home mom!

Merry Xmas and enjoy.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Conception - Heather Ross Quilt Begins

A new quilt comes to life with the completion of the first block. Does anyone else ever feel like they've breathed life into a new quilt when they finish the first block? Like something has been set in motion that will take a certain amount of time to be done forming, then it will travel to its home, live out its life and someday meet its end. Or am I just weird? Probably, lol.

My sister asked me to make this Heather Ross quilt for her son (my nephew) Ty and his big boy bed. She sent me every bit of the HR stash I've been trying to separate her from for three years, including seagulls! To me, getting to play with it is just as good as having it. It's going to be the same pattern as the Starry Starry Night baby quilt I made, but in a twin size and with no solids. The challenge is to use just the fabric she sent. I'm using dots and stripes as solids.

I like how the selvage came out in the block above. I'll post more as I have it.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Giveaway Day!

Update: The random number generator at picked #32 - Tara from Crafting Into Sanity! Congrats to Tara, the geese will be winging their way to you tomorrow.

Tara said:
I am now a follower. I would love this giveaway. I have several friends who are pregnant so I would love to make this one for them.

Happy Giveaway Day!

Since I am the home of all things baby quilt, today I'm giving away a whole baby quilt! (some assembly required) The gaggle of geese you see above are just waiting to fly to your home to be joined into rows and backed with one of the two fabrics below - just add batting and you're there!

The 66 geese measure 4"X6.5" and are all hand pieced, since I don't own a machine.

Just line them up into rows and sew. Here, I've even drawn you a quilt map! Aren't I nice?

If you want to make it a larger quilt, feel free to add sashing between the rows, or wide borders, but then you won't get to back it with one of these beauties.

The winner just needs to tell me if they want the boy backing or the girl backing, choose one. Both are large enough to back the quilt in the quilt map. The pink is flannel, the blue is not.

Wanna win? Just subscribe to my blog. Then leave me a comment telling me so and saying who you would give the baby quilt to if you won. Only one comment per person, and make sure I can get your email address.

That's it! Happy commenting!

PS: If you don't win, you can still make your own flock of geese with this super easy Twiddletails tutorial. Just cut one rectangle and two squares and two minutes later, your goose is cooked. Try it!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Munki Munki Poolside

Anyone on your Christmas list want a big chunk of discontinued Heather Ross? My sister is selling a 24X38 piece of Poolside on her etsy store. It's very rare these days, especially in this big of a piece. Check it out here!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Four Patch Baby Quilt Finish

I had so much time over the Thanksgiving break that I whipped up this simple little baby quilt at Mr. Babyquilts' request for a customer/friend of his. Here in slower than molasses all-by-hand-land, you don't often hear the words "whipped up", but I really did! It only took me about four days to finish it.

I was extra proud that I made it all from stash, except the silky binding. I had just purchased those cute dogs and thought they'd be perfect for a baby boy. Yes, those are the same gray Japanese elephants I used for the baby pants I made last month. I even used some of my precious Heather Ross goldfish bags, just to be nice :) You'll also notice Heather Bailey, Joel Dewberry, Jay McCarroll and of course, Amy Butler making appearances.

The back is Amy Butler Love dots that I had in stash for just such an occasion. I embroidered the year the baby will be born, since I don't know his name yet. Click photo to see embroidery better.