Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Alexia's Quilt

Today i'm showing off the very first baby quilt I ever made, 10 years ago last September.

I made it for the very first baby in my life, my sister Heidi's first daughter, Alexia. It's just a simple quilt, but I quilted it in a spider web pattern since I had read that spider webs had protective connotations in some cultures. Alexia loved it and still loves it today, so that is all that matters! That's Alexia as a newborn on top, then my sister holding it, and finally Alexia as a three year old snuggling it on the left in the second photo (that's the back). To her right is her sister Lydia.

I used Hobby Lobby flannel for this one too and the footprint pattern faded, though the integrity of the fabric held up fine. Enjoy.


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belinda said...

Hi Wendy...thanks so much for your visit....I have scrolled back on your blog to see what you've been up to and I must say I am very impressed! Especially with the fact that you don't own a sewing machine and all of your work has been done by hand. I really love your grandmothers flower garder..love the feedsack fabric...all of your quilts are great!