Thursday, September 17, 2009

Another Peek at my Day Job

I know! I haven't posted in forever! I think I had a mental block or something, but i'm back in the saddle today. I've got a ton of sewing stuff to show you over the next week, but today I'm showing off a second peek at my day job, the finished hands-on museum I planned from this post. Double click any photo to see it larger, it's better that way!

Here is the finished outside, complete with "river mat", kids' crawl through tree and map of the Guadalupe River on the side.

Here's a better shot of the crawl through tree and the answers to the animal track markers we will have around the park. The tree entrance shows the metal piece that will be used to lock it at night.

Ahhh, the beautiful inside. This used to be an ugly drop ceiling with weird lighting and ceiling fans. The project opened up the ceiling to expose the gorgeous solid wood beams and added a skylight. What a difference!

Here's my co-worker and friend Erin testing out the microscope interactive.

Here's a closeup of the water goggle interactive.

And a shot of one of the underwater denizens you can see by moving the goggles around. This is a catfish!

There's more to see, but I don't want to bore everyone! Hope you liked it!


Jenny said...

very cool

Becky said...

super neat. Great paint job. My girls would love that.
Great to hear from you again!

Wanda said...

Your project turned out to be so wonderful! It looks FUN!! It looks happy and reachable and everything positive and good. Nice Job!