Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I'm in Fabric Heaven!

I'm in fabric heaven!  I went to the mailbox last night and retrieved 10 small squishy packages.  Ten!  It was Christmas in Ju..well ok, Christmas right before Christmas!  First I unwrapped that small bag I won in the SMS giveaways from adelaidelemonade.  Don't forget to hop on over to her site to get the tutorial for the bag so you can make one too!  The bag was sooooo much cuter in person. And even more gorgeous when I stuffed it with fabric.

See that pink and red yard of Folksy flannel from Anna Maria Horner sticking up out of the bag above?  You should get some, the pattern is so subtle and the colors are wonderful. I want to get a ton of it and make this baby quilt, from Anna Maria's website - soooo soft and pretty.

Next I opened a bunch of fabric from a quilt I'm being commissioned to make.  What's not to love about a quilt commission???  You get a bunch of gorgeous fabric sent to you for free, you get to play with it until you're sick of it, you get to keep the scraps, and then you give it away.  Sounds like normal to me.  Except you get free fabric to play with, free scraps and money to boot!  What's not to love?  And all I have to do is put in about 100 hours of hand sewing labor.  Big deal, i'd be doing that anyway.  And having said that, let me also say I love all the trust there is in the quilting world.  She trusts me to send me the fabric, then I trust her to pay at the end.  I love our quilting community, don't you?

Lovely Amber sent these fabrics to coordinate into a copy of Finn's quilt.  She chose some Kokka Japan as her focus fabric:

Then she pulled all the colors out of the focus fabric with these:

So cute!  The organic cloud fabric she sent even came with two tiny swatches to intice you to buy the whole collection, and guess what, it worked.  Now I want the mushrooms and orange dots too.



Amber said...

EEEK!! if i'm this excited just seeing a photo of all the materials together, i can't imagine how i'll react when i see the final product. i will probably cry (just not ON the quilt, ohmygosh no).

i just wanted to say to anyone considering commissioning a quilt: wendy has made this process so enjoyable for me, and her passion for quilting is contagious. i knew nothing about it before, and i certainly didn't think i could afford to have a hand-stitched custom quilt made for my sister's baby, but wendy just wants to create something that a family can treasure for a long time and it's so refreshing to come across someone like that today. picking out the pattern and fabrics has made me feel really involved in the creation of something so special for my little baby nephew (who is due in march). haha the quilt hasn't even been made yet and i am already writing a glowing review! ok i just wanted to say all that. : )

wendy rocks.

Jenny said...

Congratulations on such a lovely win from the SMS giveaway day! you are right, it does look even better with all the fabric inside...Amber sure picked out some great fabrics for a baby quilt...can't wait to see your progress!

free indeed said...

Congrats on the win ! and that is lovely fabric you put in it too.

Katie B. said...

Mmm. Love that flannel. I need to get me some of that.

I love the fabrics for the commission! It's going to be a beautiful quilt for the little boy.

Wanda said...

Hurray!!! Wonderful!!!!

Karen said...

I love the mushrooms, too!! All the fabric is yummy!

I;m sure you'll do a GREAT job!