Monday, March 29, 2010

...and a Little Bit of That

Today I'm showing off the birthday crown I made for our grandbaby who turned one last week! His name is Axel and that's our 22 year old son, Tim. I made it from this tutorial from Juicybits. It's the third one i've made with that tutorial. The theme of the party was Texas Tech football, since his dad claims he's a budding fan. So the crown was black and red and that's an A for Axel in the front.

A 1 on one side, of course, which I can change to a 2 next year. And here you can just barely see the Texas Tech fabric I used in the back for the scrunchy band.

And the Texas Tech symbol on the other side! It was really hard to carve those Ts freehand out of felt, but it was worth it. That's the scratch coconut cake I made him in the background.

Not much else going on here, it's gorgeous weather in Austin, 70s and 80s every day. Lots of sidewalk chalking and ball bouncing...

And playing in the new tent in the backyard. Ah, sibling love.

And painting on the deck with friends. So neat and orderly. So totally in control.

Uh, guys? Totally in control? Remember? What the heck is happening here!? also turns out "child safe washable paint" does NOT, in fact, come out of clothes. Yes, I realize I am a 38 year old mother of two but I honestly did not know that before this day. Washable refers only to skin, as it turns out, not clothes. Ruined her cute dress she'd only worn once (thrifted, so not so bad) and ruined the neighbor boy's shirt. I'm pretty sure his mom is still mad even though I bought her a new one. Well at least they had fun!

So what are you doing this spring?


Stephanie said...

So sorry to hear your neighbor is mad but I had to laugh. When my oldest daughter was younger she wore her brand new Disney Store outfit that my mom had just bought her to her Brownie meeting. There was some "washable" paint and needless to say the outfit got ruined. I had to buy her a new one to replace it so my mom wouldn't find out. She'd have killed me. Maybe I'll tell her that story soon...she might laugh now. Maybe....

oxoprn said...

CUTE PICS! I put them on my facebook. The paint has to say "water soluble" somewhere to be safe. TEMPURA paints are the ones to avoid. They say washable, but as you found out, it's just for skin!