Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Quilts for Homeless Families - Can You Help?

Our good bloggy friend Bumble Beans in New York just got done doing a house block gather to the tune of 501 blocks that she has pledged to turn into quilts for charity. She's now started a new gather for actual finished quilts for homeless familes in the Bronx (some above) that are getting placed into new housing. Won't you go over to her site and pledge a quilt?

Here's some text from her site:
"700 families are on the the list for housing. Approximately 20 families a month are moved out of shelters, and back into homes with whatever then have managed to carry with them. They depend upon donations to get the barest of necessities... A mattress, a table, a few utensils, medical care, get the children back in school, school supplies, clothes, food, job searches and training...A smile, support, and knowing that people care. Our goal is to make 700 quilts, one for each family."

I'm going to try to make a quilt, but as an all-by-hand person, even a simple quilt is a major investment for me. I will try though! How about you? This would be a good place to send all of your UFOs, just bind them up and send.

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Victoria @ BUMBLE BEANS said...

Whole cloth quilts are great to so you won't have so much piecing... Or a completed older quilt that maybe ready for a new home, cleaned up, also great...
Thank you!