Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Big Baby Heart Quilt

Hello All,

Today i'm showcasing the first heart quilt I made for my baby. Check out the second one featured in my very first post on this blog! The second one is my favorite quilt out of all of those I've ever made.
This one was the first one I made for her, before she was born, but decided it was too big for a baby and I would hang it on the wall until she was a little older. I really liked choosing the princess fairy fabric for the borders and all the scraps for the blocks. She loves to stand on the hope chest and check out all the fabrics.
I double dog dare you to click on the photo of Gigi and not be bowled over by the cuteness!!!



Anonymous said...

i like the idea of the baby standing up in her crib to admire your quilt! Beautiful work

SunshineofAutumnQuilts said...

Oh I love this. I have started collecting Healing Hearts. I am going to make a tribute quilt for my husbands parents who have both past and then my three grandfathers which I have lost recently. I can't wait to get more to get started. I will make some of them myself but this quilt was very inspiring!