Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Stash

Today I'm featuring some fabrics I got at my LQS yesterday.

First, Sandi Henderson Farmer's Market flannel and Valori Wells Urban Flannel. Love them! Got enough for a baby quilt back each.

Then I got some pinks to make frames for some wonky modern squares I'm planning for my very own bed quilt! Won't these make great outer frames for some beautiful squares?

And finally this one, Heather Bailey Freshcut. I don't normally really like orangey yellow or acid green, but I just can't stop staring at this fabric! Click to make it bigger and see for yourself. It's very satisfying.



Wendy said...

I forgot about Sunday Stash again!
I LOVE that Heather Bailey fabric! Its gorgeous, and yes very satisfying. What pattern/tutorial are you going to use for your bedquilt?

I Love Baby Quilts! said...

Wendy, I'm just going to wing it on the wonky square blocks. I'm going to make them all the same size, and they will all have a center and a frame, but the sizes of the centers and frames will be determined by what the fabric wants. For example, if there's a big motif on the center fabric, the center will be large enough to fit the motif and the frame will be skinnier.