Monday, August 24, 2009

Who Needs Groceries??? Amy Butler News

OMG, this is such terrible news. Amy Butler has a new rug line coming out this month! This is awful. Not to mention, she has my absolute favorite Amy Butler fabric ever redone as a rug (the first photo, next to the shoes). I often see patterns in home dec that remind me of Amy Butler designs, but this is the ACTUAL fabric printed on the rug!!!! Sigh. I was just starting to enjoy eating groceries, but now i'll have to go without. I wish I could find some information on pricing, but I went to Chandra Rugs and her website and neither has any info. So I guess I'll hold onto the dream, right up until I see the thousands of dollars they cost!


Happy Cottage Quilter said...

I just saw these rugs about a week ago, and sigh, I'm with you. Such beauty! I do hate to think what they must cost :-(

BFrom M said...

I second your OMG! Now, I literally could roll around in Amy Butler designs, without having to resort to spreading out all my Amy Butler fabric on the floor, which I'm occasionally tempted to do. How would you actually pick one?

I'll have to go rearrange a room so that there's a nice big open are on the floor.

And, if I'm not buying groceries, then I would be losing weight!

RazakFamily said...

I agree - Groceries are over-rated next to that rug!!!

Nancy said...

If you google Amy Butler rugs it will show you some websites which will give you prices. I just did that and got the information.

Good luck. They are beautiful.