Friday, December 2, 2011

I'm Back! With a Trio of Dresses

I've been making some little dresses lately for a friend of mine who wants them for her 1 year old. Click here for previous versions and a link to the free pattern of the dress from Oliver+S.

I made a strawberry dress....

And a lemonade dress!

Then for Gigi I made a size 4 version of the dress.
I made about every mistake on this dress that a person could ever make. I failed to realize my printer was printing the pattern at 3/4 size. Then when I realized it, I cut the back piece the right length and was going to add to the front, but in measuring them together I cut both the shorter length. Doh! Then I got them both the right length with the stripe, but sewed them together wrong side out. After taking that out and sewing them correctly, I tried to put it on her and realized it was doll sized through the chest. Because (duh) if it's too small one way, guess what? it's too short the other way. Sigh. So I took it all apart and added panels in the sides. And voila, a pretty dress. LOL.

So here you have it...strawberry lemonade dresses and a crazy mistake dress that's still pretty cute.


**nicke... said...

they are all so so so adorable and the thing that make them even more awesome is that you sewed them by hand! my hat is totally off to you! they are so so so cute! i love them!

GretchenJoanna said...

I have missed you!
The dresses are darling. I'm going to follow your hand-sewing example this month as I get some doll clothes sewn for my granddaughter. I can't seem to sit myself down at the machine for the job but I think I could do it in bits and snatches all over the house....