Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sneak Peek of a new patriotic quilt

This is the beginning of a new quilt for a special boy I know. Click to see them larger.

I got out my quilt books and asked him what a fictional seven year old boy might like on his quilt (it's a surprise) and he chose Uncle Sam and flags. I was like, uh..are you sure that's what he'd want? He was very adamant that this fictional boy would not like pirates, cars or dogs, just patriotic blocks. here we are! Can't you just hear the Star Spangled Banner playing behind old Unkie Sam there? I guess it's appropriate in our first year with a new president.

You'll notice one star is unintentionally wonkified. I was using Stars by Magic by Nancy Johnson Srebro, and the cutting directions were easy but the sewing directions were more complicated. I decided to leave it. What do you think?

My own little fabric hog/thief Gigi says hi, she kept trying to swipe my blocks while I was trying to get a photo! She swiped them about 30 times before I just let her do it. She's not naked, by the way, just can't see her diaper. Swiper no swiping!



Margot said...

I love the flag and its dimensional quality. you're right, it does seem unusual for a 7-year old to pick!

I'm surprised you didn't tell the story of Aunt Sam, where you and your sister dressed up like Aunt Sam and pulled your wagon in the 4th of July parade. You guys won first place!

Happy Memories!!

belinda said...

....sigh....can't get any better
than this....what could be better
than patriotic quilts and a cookie
eating swiper!!!

Sheree said...

This will be so cute...that flag block is great!

Kerri said...

wow!! this will be a great quilt! can't wait to see more!