Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My Stash

It's Show Us Your Stash month over at Sew Mama Sew and I'd like to play along! Here are their questions:

What do you usually sew? Baby Quilts of course!

Do you prewash or iron? Neither!

How do you sort it? I recently became a designer fabric snob and have steadily been growing my collection. I look down upon my other quilt store fabrics now in the most haughty and unflattering manner.

So in this photo i'm showing my fabric grouped in the following way: Asian fabrics, batiks, repros, designer, "other" quilt store fabric, flannel, solids, backings, and ugly fabrics I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole that someone gave me a long time ago but that I keep for kids I teach to practice on.

How do you store it? In a linen closet in the master bathroom. Who needs sheets and towels??? I also have my scraps stored in buckets in the photo below. I have a bucket of designer scraps, a bucket of "other" scraps and a bucket of flannel scraps. My own little fabric hog/thief likes to help herself! I could barely take the photo as she wanted to spread them all over the bathroom.

Here's a shot of my favorite pile:

In my collecting, I often end up with many colorways of the same print as below.

Here are four of my current favorites below.

And here are another four favorites below. Love them all!!!

Hope you enjoyed my stash! Love to hear your comments.


Alissa said...

Pretty pretty stash!!

Sheree said...

Love your ever growing stash!!! A girl after ny own heart. And did I read that sew by hand? I bow to you! I do alot of finishing work by hand, but without my machine, I'd get nothing done.

Thanks for stopping by and good luck in the drawing!


Kerri said...

your stash is so lovely!!

Moogie said...

I see a Heather Ross goldfish peeking out of your stash! You collect the right stuff!!

belinda said...

oooouuuu...Now I would 'steal' your
stash in a heart beat!!!