Saturday, July 11, 2009

Giveaway Contest! Happy Birthday Mom!

This was my mother, Margot and me (with my baby cousin) in 1974 at age 30.

And this is my mom 35 years later! Not bad, huh? Don't you hate when your mom is cuter for her age than you are for your age??? That's okay mom, I don't hold it against you. So anyway, happy birthday! In honor of your 65th, I'm having a giveaway of pre-cut Amy Butler triangles!

You will win at least 75 triangles of EACH of four Amy Butler fabrics (I didn't count). Plus, I'm throwing in about 75 slightly larger triangles in various shades of white on white. You could make a heck of a cute table runner or baby quilt, especially if you add more of your own white. You could make something great, like this or this. The 375 triangles i'm giving away will make at least 187 squares at 2 1/2 inches square when sewn together, so a 2 inch finished size. The fabrics are from this quilt and this quilt. Shhhh, don't tell anyone, but i'm also going to throw in a special surprise of the winner's choosing! Could be a vintage feedsack, could be fat quarters, could be a soft toy, no one knows!

I present - the Cavalcade of Dresses!!! Here are the rules: This is a contest for fabric lovers. You must name as many of the fabrics and designers used in the below dresses as you can. My mother made all of the below dresses for Gigi, so it's a tribute to her work! I will not approve any comments with guesses in them until the contest is over so no one can see your answers. On Saturday at noon I will look over the comments and count how many fabrics each person got right, then select a winner from the group with the highest number correct. Want extra entries? If you become a follower, add me to your google reader, or add me to the side of your blog as a clickable link, I will give you two extra correct points for each! Just comment to let me know. So even if you aren't a fabric expert you can at least get a few points there, plus you can probably get dress #5. Ready? Go!

Ok, dress #1. What's the name of the fabric and the designer? 2 points. (Click any of these photos to enlarge.)

Supercute dress #2 - What's the name of the fabric and the designer? 2 points.

Dress #3 with satin flower pocket - What are the names and designers of both fabrics? Hint, the red one is the same as the dress above! 4 points.

Dress #4 - What are the names and designers of both fabrics? 4 points.

And dress #5 - Alright, on this one I don't expect you to know the names or designers. On this one, just give me a general fabric category for each of the two. An example of a fabric category would be "30s reproductions". 2 points.

You can also tell me which one is your favorite or say happy birthday to my mom. Enjoy!


SewCalGal said...

All the dresses (and the model) are very cute. I guess I'd pick #2 as my favorite.

And you too are definitely as beautiful as your mother. You are both beautiful women and your daughter is clearly following in your footsteps.

I wish your mother a very happy 65th birthday. She looks great!


Vanasa said...

I really have no idea who designed the fabric but I am guessing Amy Butler. Happy Birthday Mom anyway!

Wendy said...

Your really making us work!
I'll have to come back tomorrow when I have more time... thanks for having a fun giveaway!
And Happy Birthday to your very talented Mom!

Lisa @ Life with 4! said...

I have absolutely no clue!! I'm so new to sewing, I don't know names and designers. oh well.
Just wanted to say that your mom is a very pretty woman and happy birthday to her!
Adorable dresses!!

Allison said...

Ok lets see....

1. Bangle dots by (I think) Alexander Henry....I cheated and looked at mine. :)

2. no idea

3. Amy butler something dot. :) From midwest modern.

4. Amy butler roses from midwest modern with some joel dewberry in there too.

5. Its a novelty idea what its called!

Man i'm bad at this! Cute Cute dresses! I like the pink Amy Butler one, and Happy Birthday Mom!

Sue H said...

Oh, how fun, and your mom looks terrific!

XUE said...

Happy Birthday to your talented Mother! The little dresses are adorable as is your daughter!

ComfyQuilter said...

Hi, this is my first visit to your blog, and I picked a good day! Happy birthday to your Mom, and your daughter is adorable, as are all of the dresses. You stumped me on Dress#1, I'm afraid, but I love the dress. Is that an original design of your mother's? I love the little cap sleeves.

Dress # 2 is Sole' Flower Stripe by Valori Wells. Dress #3 is also Sole' by VW, and Amy Butler Martini. Dress #4 is Joel Dewberry Sparrows from the Aviary line, and Amy Butler Fresh Poppies from Midwest Modern. Dress #5 is a batik, and a novelty fabric.

I added your blog to my Favorites. I won't bother linking to you my blog, cuz it has been inactive for some time and no one will see it. But I did also add you to my Google Reader. I love your blog, and thanks for giving me a bit of fun today!! Kathie

kate said...

Hi! I came over from Film in the Fridge. It's my mama's birthday today too! Happy Birthday, moms!!

I can't tell you how much I love that your daughter is named Gigi. Sooo much.

Now, I'm off to browse around.

amy smart said...

Woo! Count me in. My favorite dress is #4 (but they're all very cute.) I definitely recognize some Amy Butler in #3 & 4, but that's as far as my fabric eye is taking me right now. :)

Bowlby said...

Okay, so I'm definitely not a fabric expert, but I'm a follower of your blog :)

Cheryl Arkison said...

I am so bad at knowing designers.
I do recognize the Amy Butler martinis. But obviously your mom has great taste in fabric and dress patterns. Adorable!
PS Thank-you for the heart links, I needed those today.

brown robin said...

You should do know how to challenge a girl! But I'm wracking my brain cause I do so desperately want those trianges. Here goes...

1)Alexander Henry, Fashionista

2) this is the one I don't know and it's killing me
3) amy butler midwest modern, martini and the one I don't know.
4)joel dewberry, aviary, sparrows and amy butler, midwest modern poppy
5) batik top and japanese print for the coi fish (some would say "novelty")

Alright, I'm going to see if I can come up with the red flower one and shoot you an email before Sat. noon. Would that still count?

brown robin said...

ps. your mom really IS beautiful! Happy birthday!

free indeed said...

This was such a tough thing for me! I don't follow 'lines' of fabrics and their designers because it is not what I can get locally...well, not lines anyway. So I hunted and searched the net...I didn't find many going blind as I did. Here is what I was able to find:
#3 I only identified the Midwest Modern by Amy Butler.
#4 I think the top part is Aviary by Joel Dewberry and the pink is a Midwest Modern 2 by Amy.
#5 A batik and the other could fit into either a novelty or an asian catagory. MY HEAD HURTS!

Anonymous said...

Cute cute cute dresses!

free indeed said...

Oh, and I did become a follower (once I figured that one out) for 2 points.

Your mom is a lovely mom is the same way...I'm the ugly duckling of the family.

Amy - Park City Girl said...

Happy Birthday to your mom!!

Here's my guesses -
1 - looks like mingle but I don't think it is. . . it is a Michael Miller fabric though right!? Super cute!

2 - Dena Fishben? Love the buttons on her shoulder!

3 - Dena Fishben and Amy Butler - only works if #2 is right :)

4 - Joel Dewberry and Amy Butler

5 - fabric category?? Super cute, and underwater! lol I'm not much of a fabric historian :)

Have fun laughing at me!

Jacky O said...

Wow! I thought I had a clue about fabrics but your making this so hard!
First off Happy Birthday to your mom! She looks fabulous! I love the dresses that she made for your daughter, what a lucky girl :)
I have never seen your blog before but "Wolf Tracks" is my favorite of your quilts!
I'm, going to go with dress
#3 Amy Butler Martini gold print) # 5- "Oceanic" and "Lime"
Anyhow, I am in the process of making baby quilts for co-workers....I have 6 to make by anyway I hope I win :)
Thanks for the inspiration!
Jacky O

Happy Cottage Quilter said...

Wow I am so not into fabric designers, but the #4 one looks like Amy Butler or Heather Bailey. Anyway, I just wanted to say how sweet it is that you have honored your mother. She is beautiful and so are you :-)

Anonymous said...

A big Happy Birthday to your Mum from me! She is very beautiful!

#1 is Alexander Henry Bangle Dot
#2 I have no idea!
#3 one is Amy Butler Midwest Modern
#4 top one is Aviary by Joel Dewberry, bottom is Alexander Henry (I think!)
#5, gee I would say the blue fabric would come under the category of 'underwater fabrics' and the green? Maybe a green category?

(I'm not very good at this!!!)

Aimee said...

What a fun idea!

#1. Alexander Henry Bangle Dot
#2. I don't know but it is pretty!
#3. Amy Butler Martini (one of my favorites!)
#4. Joel Dewberry Sparrows & (without cheating) I think that's a Kaffe Fassett.
#5. Upcycled sheets/pillowcases?

FUN! I'm adding your blog to what I'm following!

brown robin said...

alrighty... here's my add on. i'm guessing that for dress 2 and 3 that the red flower fabric is Patty Young, Andalucia. That's the closest I can get! Fingers crossed....

Wendy said...

O.K. here goes, Don't know dress #1 or #2, but #3 is Amy Butler Martini, #4 is Joel Dewberry and Amy Butler, and don't know #5.
My fav is the flower pocket for sure!

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

these are all so adoreable, however, I don't know fabrics by their names. i'm not a fabric brand name shopper. if I like it I get it, no matter who made it. how cute

Margot said...

I just want to thank everyone for their kind words and enthusiastic responses! It's a privilege to be part of your community!!

I am making a wonky quilt that defies description....every single block is different and there are two different sizes, so it's going to continue to be a challenge when I piece it. But everyone makes fun of me for being so organized, so this oughta show 'em!!!

Once again, I appreciate all of you!

Margot ('s your mother.)

Margot said...

Oooh...I forgot to say that I only had one pattern for Gigi's dresses, and i just modified them ad lib. I wanted to make as many different styles as I could.

Wanda said...

Your mom is definitely beautiful! But are you!