Saturday, July 11, 2009

We have a Winner!

Would you believe I forgot dress #6 yesterday??? My favorite one, too! Anyone know the answer to this one? The skirt is Heather Bailey Freshcut Paisley, but what is the top? I'll give a prize of their choosing to whomever names it first! Edited to say: free indeed won this little giveaway! It was City Girl by Kitty Yoshida. To tell the truth, I actually didn't know who it was :) so thanks freeindeed!

Congratulations Kathie Comfyquilter! With 14 points, you were the runaway winner of the contest! Here is the winning comment:

"Hi, this is my first visit to your blog, and I picked a good day! Happy birthday to your Mom, and your daughter is adorable, as are all of the dresses. You stumped me on Dress#1, I'm afraid, but I love the dress. Is that an original design of your mother's? I love the little cap sleeves.

Dress # 2 is Sole' Flower Stripe by Valori Wells. Dress #3 is also Sole' by VW, and Amy Butler Martini. Dress #4 is Joel Dewberry Sparrows from the Aviary line, and Amy Butler Fresh Poppies from Midwest Modern. Dress #5 is a batik, and a novelty fabric."Delete

Good job! You really know your fabrics! Here are the answers:

Dress #1 - Alexander Henry Bangle Dot
Dress #2 - Flower Stripe from the Sole collection by Valori Wells
Dress #3 - Flower Stripe by Valori Wells and Amy Butler Martini in gold
Dress #4 - Joel Dewberry Sparrows and Amy Butler Fresh Poppies
Dress #5 - The top is a batik and the bottom is Asian or a novelty
Second place went to Brown Robin with 9 points. Honorable mention to freeindeed who started from scratch trying to look these up on the internet and came in third with 8 points!

I really want to thank you all for the sweet comments about my mom and daughter and the great birthday wishes you sent our way. Thanks ya'll!


free indeed said...

City Girl by Kitty Yoshima

Mushyhed said...

These pictures of Gigi are so cute!!!

kamala said...

Thanks for a wonderful contest! this is what the community of quilters is all about! And look at how long Gigi's hair is getting!

Wanda said...

Your model is adorable in ALL the dresses!!!