Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Little Bit of Everything Crafty

Hello everyone! Since I finished the ginormous squares and frames quilt I've been kind of between quilts. I've been sewing some on my red and aqua gnome homes, just to have something to do. Here are my two latest.

My daughter is newly in love with owls, so she begged for an owl softie. She wanted it to be bigger than the ninja bat I made her last year, so here it is! I used the same tutorial from Juicy Bits that I used to make the owl ornaments last Christmas. I just cut out each piece in Photoshop and blew it up to 250%, then printed it out on its own paper. This pattern is so cute no matter what you do with it! Thank you Juicy Bits!

I've also been slowly adding to my stash of designer fabric, now that i'm a designer fabric snob in the most unflattering and haughty way. Here are the stacks of pink, red, green, blue, purple and neutral/white/multi in my Bergsbo fabric cabinet from IKEA.
And here are the stacks of yellow, orange, brown, black and grey, plus a stack of flannel backings. The solids are not good ones, just stuff I picked up a million years ago. My stash is super lacking in good kona/bella/butler solids, as in, I have none. Oh, except for that dark blue on top, that's Bella.
See anything you like?


Jenny said...

ooooh, i love the fabric piles! especially that yellow AMH at the top of the pile!

Stephanie in Michigan said...

Love your fabrics. So bright and colorful. I love your Ikea cabinet. I am hoping for a new sewing room soon, so I am keeping my eyes open for ideas. Love this. Cute owl! Nicely done!

jess said...

As soon as I saw the owl, I gasped. I LOVE owls, I have to make that RIGHT NOW. I really like that fabric shelf set-up and Ikea is amazing, thank you for posting that pic. Your style of making quilts is inspiring. (and worth imitating. :)


Love your owl and of course, your fabric stash!

Wendy said...

Fun to see your fabric stash, love the white shelves. You'll have some purple fabric there soon - mailed it on Monday! The owl is too cute!

Jackie Davis said...

Great organization of your fabrics, I need to do that! My daughter loves your yellow and I love the oranges. All of it is beautiful. Who doesn't like solids here and there!? We have a sewing group (for charity quilts) and have been using them to make the "Heart Strings Happy Block" So quick, fun, and versitile!

I really admire your work. 2010 is going too fast, I have not done 1 quilt! heehee

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