Monday, May 18, 2009

Going Batty

Okay, I'll admit, I've gone a little batty lately making toys, but I really like it! My 24 yo daughter Heather asked me to make this bat for her.

See, here is her sketch of what she wanted me to make.

....And here is what I made! Pretty close! I think it was drawn as a bat ninja, hence the sash tie on the right and the crosswise thing (a bow case strap?). I was going to add the cross strip in felt, but it interfered with the bat signal detail at the waist.

He's coming to get ya! The only thing I would improve is the stumpy wings. She had them drawn stumpy and I am running out of felt, so I only could make stumpy, but I feel like the body needs bigger wings to balance it out. Next time.

The end.

Enjoy! Wendy


AJ said...

What a cute bat.

I'm impressed with your quilts and even more impressed by the fact that you don't even own a machine. You do absolutely wonderful work.

Mushyhed said...

What a cute toy! Your daughter's a lucky girl!


Aren't they so fun! I did this with my daughter, actually it was her idea. she drew pictures, helped design them and then we sold them for charity! I think she raised $600.. It's on my blog under 9 patch gather.
happpy sewing! cant' wait to see what else you create!

amy smart said...

I love all your little toys! You are amazing.

Wendy said...

Adorable bat! Love your chicks too, they turned out super cute. I haven't posted in so long! I've been busy sewing and gardening.... need to take some pictures!

Rebecca said...

What a super cute bat! My toys often don't even resemble my sketches! Well done... I love the little tail!

Jean said...

The bat is so cute!!! Why did she want a ninja bat? There has to be a story!

I Love Baby Quilts! said...

My daughter is an artist (as you can tell from the eye on the paper) and she always draws little ninja characters. They are usually ninja bunnies though, not sure why it's a bat this time!

metrosupialdesigns said...

I love that she drew it and you made it. There's some woman on Flickr, I think her name is lizzy that makes awesome softies with her kids.