Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sunday Stash and Sweets

I just joined the Sunday Stash group, so here is my stash for the day. First, a chocolate cake I made using a recipe from I made the dark chocolate frosting with a recipe from the back of the special dark cocoa powder box and my five year old sprinkled purple sugar on top. Today I also baked two loaves of wheat bread and two of white. The white ones went to the neighbors and we're eating on the wheat ones.
Here are a couple cool fabrics I found sorting through the piles today. I LOVE the large floral ones, the colors are so soothing. I don't know the name of the pattern or designer, so if you know, please share. I love the salt and pepper shakers one because I sort of collect salt and pepper shakers. Really, it's a very small and dwindling collection since my kids keep breaking them. The only thing I really collect is .... wait for it....fabric! But i'm sure you guessed that already. Cheers!



Kristin said...

That chocolate cake looks sooo delish! I am loving the salt and pepper fabric!!! That is too cute.

amandajean said...

such pretty fabrics! i have no idea the name or pattern of that fabric. sorry.

Beth said...

Those florals are from Alexander Henry- "Mocca' is the name of the fabric. I have it in black/yellow/white and brown/red/teal. I havent seen those color schemes before and I love them!

karen said...

I thought for a minute I had hit the wrong link and was on!! Not 'cause it looks like a wreck, just didn't expect to see a yummy cake!
Beautiful fabric, also yummy!

Furrow said...

You do wonderful work. On my bad days, I may be envious, but on my good days, I LOVE the eye candy. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

randi said...

Yum on the chocolate cake!

The florals are Alexander Henry. They are quite pretty and I LOVE the colors in the green one!