Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Stash and a Sweetie

I'm a wealthy fabric miser! I'm going to put my fabric in a pile, jump into it and do the back stroke like Scrooge McDuck. I bought some scraps from two etsy sellers and here are just my favorites from the two scrap packs. Which fabric is your favorite??? I love the Mocca in brown and red (fourth from the right in the first photo). It is the sister to the fabric I featured in last Sunday's stash (below) but I think I like it even more. Thoughts? Click on them to make them larger.

Oh, I also added a gratuitous photo of Gigi, but it's admissable because the fabric on her dress is so cute. Right? My mom bought it from Chicken Noodle in San Francisco. My mom also points out that if you enlarge it, the look on her face is the same as mine when I was a teen ager. Uh....what are you trying to tell me mom?


sunshine said...

Hi, I like the one on the right in first photo - it reminds me of the stylized flowers in cartoons I watched as a kid... They were about a mole and his friends, and they never talked in any particular language, so they were broadcast in a few different countries. I think the original production occurred in the Czech Republic or Poland. Great memories, and what a treasure find in your stash-bag purchase!

juliette said...

I like the one on the far right, first photo, too! The little figurine looks like a cartoon martian, or an olive with arms and legs!

Beth said...

love the mocca from the first photo and apples+pear from the second! I want to join you doing the backstoke through fabric piles!

susan said...

such gorgeous fabrics
i love park slope
and your wee one is adorable

Lynda said...

So hard to choose a favourite! Maybe the one on the left in the third photo (chrysamthemums?) or the bight pink pears one. As for the cutie, I think she's delectable!

Anonymous said...

My favorite is the first photo all the way to the right. I can't remember the name. I'm using a bit of the flowers in a current project.