Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I'm Back! And I Got Fabric Presents in the Mail!

Hello All! Did anyone notice that I hadn't posted in a week? Well I was at my mother in law's in Oklahoma for the weekend. Above is Gigi enjoying one of Grammie Allie's many, many Beanie Babies.

We had a great time relaxing, playing, fixing homemade hummus and tzatziki and giving Grammie her first taste of real Greek food. She loved it! That's her new puppy in the background, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi named Baby. I called her Velcro Dog because she was a super snuggler!

When I got home, I had two squishy packages in the mail - the best kind! I had won a "pay if forward" present on Twohippos blog and she was supposed to send something before fall. She's quick! She sent a bunch of lovely fabric pieces (above) and two cute note cards.

But lo and behold, at the bottom of the package was this amazing apron! I was so excited! I LOVE aprons and I love cherries. I bake pretty much every day and always wish I had an apron when i'm covered in flour. Thanks so much twohippos! I checked out her blog and she actually sells these aprons on etsy, so why not click on over and buy one from her! I promised to pay if forward from here by making and dropping toys for strangers. I need to get busy on that!

This is my 24 year old daughter/live-in au pair modelling the apron, not me!

The second squishy package was from Wanda from exuberantcolor. I had posted here asking if anyone had any of the above fabric as it is my favorite of all time and I only had a small piece. It reminds me of winter branches in Milwaukee where I spent the first 27 years of my life. She responded right away that she had a whole yard and then sent it to me! So wonderful! I am going to cut some selvages for her since she's into that lately, plus include a few quarters of batiks. If you like batiks, check out the amazing batik stuff she's posted lately!

Ok, that's it for today. I've missed Sunday Stash, but i'll maybe post it tomorrow. See ya!


sunshine said...

I know exactly what you mean with squooshy packages since I've started buying online. I'm expecting two right now, can't wait for them to land in my box! They're the MODA charm packs from Etsy-sellers I blogged about.

Very exciting to get a whole apron!


Needle Weaver said...

I can't believe you have become so domestic. I guess you got over being a shot girl! All best-- Sue

belinda said...

WooHoo..I love 'squooshy' packages that come in the mail!! I'm thrilled someone had the fabric that you wanted more of...yay..yay!