Thursday, May 7, 2009

Giant Quilts and Fabric Closets

Hello All! I'm making progress on Heidi's giant heart quilt - 19 blocks so far. Here they are on the design wall. I cranked out most of these on the couch at Grammie Allie's house last weekend.

All of my fabric is finally folded and in the Bergsbo cabinet! They are all folded using a six inch ruler so they are all the same size. The only ones missing are my vintage feedsacks. A few years ago I went through a feedsack phase, which is when I made the one inch hexagon GFG quilt. I'll get those out tomorrow and do a whole post filled with feedsack love. For now, click to enlarge and enjoy the flannels on the bottom left, the designer fabrics across the middle and the other quilter's cottons across the top. I color sorted the designers but not the others so far - I just left those grouped according to what phase I was going through: Asian, batik, kitty cat, etc. Oh yeah, ignore the picture frames on the left side, that's my Bachelor's, my Master's and my museum certificate I need to hang up in here.

Here are a few stacks of my designer fabrics and the few selvages i've just started cutting. But my green stack hides a secret! Shhhhhhh....

This room is oddly shaped so I had to put the cabinet on this wall, and it had to go over the light switch. So my super handy DH cut a hole in the back of the cabinet for the switch! That's why that top fabric is smoothed down in the middle, from me reaching over it for the light. By the way, if anyone within an hour of Austin, TX needs a good, honest plumber, send me an email!



Mushyhed said...

Your heart quilt is awesome! I love it. I can't believe you've already done 19 blocks. You go girl. I love how organized your stash is. I'm waaay to embarrassed to see to let anyone see my big messy sewing area. I adore the cabinet!!! Have a great weekend!

Natalie said...

Your quilt is gorgeous! and you have such a great organized!

Cheryl Arkison said...

I am in awe of two things - handwork and how organized that stash is!