Sunday, May 10, 2009

Vintage Feedsack Sunday Stash - Show and Tell!

A few years ago I was obsessed with authentic vintage feedsacks, and with buying them on ebay. After making the GFG with one inch hexagons, I was done with feedsacks. I haven't opened this box in four years! But I will open it today for show and tell.

So here's some of the loot, all carefully stored in what occurs to me now are tolulene off-gassing plastic bags and box, sealed to create harmful micro-environments. Sorry, my museum conservation training slipped in there for a moment!

I've got lots of stuff! In the lower left is a feedsack dress that I bought that was never finished. I REALLY want to wear it, in fact I would wear vintage dresses every day, but alas, I don't know how to make clothes. I will ask my mom to help me when she comes. There are a few stacks of large pieces, then bags of six inch squares and bags of piles of 4 inchers. Of course I have no real plan for any of these, though I saw a quilt by Darlene Zimmerman once that was a simple square pattern sashed with "that 30's green" that I want to make. Also, this one by Darlene is in my future.

Here are some of the "novelty" print squares I have. I have some that are considered very rare, so I was pretty proud. Click to enlarge.

Now these guys are another story! I bought these on ebay precut. They came in a box that clearly had been sealed since the 1940's. This is how I found them, carefully bundled and tied with red thread. Then I made a classic mistake. They smelled like moth balls so I thought, I'll just give them a nice swim in the sink with some Tide and then dry them in the dryer. Yeah....not so much. As you may imagine, they frayed like crazy and I ended up having to individually iron them when I was done! There must be 1200 of them. Although, I have to admit that I did love looking at each one of them individually as I re-piled them. I LOVE tiny pieces of fabric. Just love anything close up or tiny.


Mushyhed said...

Oh my, all that vintage goodness. You need to make a quilt with it. It'd be so cute!!! Happy Mama's day!

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

Oh my........funny you should post about feed sacks today. I've been on ebay for days trying to find some feed sacks at a good deal. Haven't found that good deal just yet. Man, I envy you and your feed sacks.

amy smart said...

What a great stash of beautiful fabric! WoW!