Monday, November 16, 2009

Half Done!

It's half done! The ginormous quilt I'm making for myself and Mr. Babyquilts is halfway there. It's ten 12-inch blocks by nine 12-inch blocks, not counting sashing!

This is "his" half, the blue and green half, all sashed and ready to go. It also includes the 'snuggling' row on the right which are blue/green combined with red/pink. Now all that's left to do is four more rows of red/pink to attach to the right hand side.

Here's a six year old child and a koala for scale. It's huge! Click a photo to see the square themes better.

You know, it looks all innocent and fine and dandy now, but boy was I mad last night. I carefully pinned and sewed one whole sashing the long way, all the way down. Then when I opened it out, guess what, it was sewed onto the wrong side of the block strip, so the seam was on top! I was hopping mad! I had to then hand rip the whole seam, re-pin and re-sew. It took me several hours to get back to where I should have been. Oh well. Days like that really make me want to buy a machine, especially with all of these straight seams. I like piecing the blocks by hand, but sashing and borders by hand are straight up boring!

Wolfie says hi. "Hi!"


Katie B. said...

Looks great so far~

mary said...

Do you really hand sew all this? That is amazing. Love the ginormous quilt. Great fabrics and colors

Sarah said...

i just noticed the by hand detail. you are amazing

Shelly said...

Hi there, this is the second time I visit you blog. I'm impressed as I learned you hand sewed all your quilts! I love, love, love the colors of this quilt! Great job!^^

Wendy said...

This is really turning into an amazing quilt! My favorite row is the Snuggling row!

Wanda said...

ha ha ha I misread your post and saw "6 year old and koala for SALE"!!!! ha ha ha The quilt is amazing, girl. Absolutely stunning. And it is HUGE!!