Thursday, November 5, 2009

Munki Business

Yay! When I saw these rare Heather Ross Munki Munki's in my mailbox, I knew I was in love. My DH bought them for me on the sly from etsy sellers who have recently figured out how to buy the pajamas HR made for Munki Munki and sell them off an arm and a leg at a time! I have all drumsticks, thank you very much, and they are great!

How could you not love these kitties!? They are just like the fish, they all have names.

And these "Bicycles I have loved" - so cute! I like Carrots, personally.

And the famous ice cream trucks! My favorite pink/red/orange, bits of lavendar color scheme.

Click on any of these to enlarge and appreciate all the detail HR puts into her designs. They really do look better larger!



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