Friday, November 20, 2009


Lily, #3 cat of 5 I will show, was described to me as a Siamese cat with big blue eyes. I assumed there must only be one color of Siamese, as they didn't specify. Sure enough, a google search turned up that all modern Siamese are white with grey faces, ears and feet. Well ok, here ya go!

They also said she has a black collar with studs - doesn't that fabric look like it has studs? So cute! And of course, the Lily nametag embroidered. Click on the photo to see the swirls in the white fur.


Margot said...

I like this one a lot because at first glance, the collar looks like a tongue. It's only right that the dignified and snooty Siamese would have what appears to be a tongue hanging out! Really enjoying the cat series.

Niki :-) said...

wanted to wish you a wonderful thanksgiving if i don't see u round before then. hugs! niki in az