Friday, November 6, 2009

Munki in the Middle!

So...those munkis I got in the mail yesterday were burning a hole in my, uh, stash closet (?) and I had to do something with them right away! I wanted them to be in MY quilt which I'm currently sashing, so I went through the pink/red blocks to see which ones I didn't like that also had fabric that would match my new munkis. Since it's a charm quilt, I can only use each fabric one time, so somebody had to go.

I really didn't like the block on the right that I had made. It's hard to tell in the photo but the saturation of the bright yellow and the pink clashed with the super bright white of the flower fabric. Bleah. Aw yeah, these kitties look right at home in their matching frame. The saturated pinks match perfectly.

I also found this block on the left that I don't hate, but it's just too much busyness going on at once. I was going for birds/trees but it's just too much. Look at how sweet and cozy my bicycles look in there instead. So calm and frame-y. Sigh.

So do you think the new blocks are an improvement or a step down???

Hope you're enjoying my National Blog Posting Month daily post! Stay tuned for a post every day in November.


Karen said...

Yes, I like your second choices much better than your original ones!! Very cozy

Holly said...

Cute fabric! I like the pink tree one the most. :)

Wanda said...

I'm liking your National Blog Posting Month very much! You know me..I'm terrible at deciding things. I think ALL your blocks are awesome!