Monday, February 1, 2010

Two New Foofs

Thanks so much to my sister Heidi at Your Lovey Handmade Gifts! She sent our family a huge minkee couch snuggle quilt for Xmas! You can't see the colors well in the photo, but it's a chocolate brown with light blue dots and white on the other side. The minkee is sooooo soft, we all fight over it. Here is Wolfie modeling it.

Well as soon as we got it, Gigi stole it for her own. I was trying to snatch it from her one day and she was trying to get me to accept a piece of fabric with owls on it as a blanket instead. Her word for blanket is "foof". It comes from me telling her I'm going to "fluff" her pillow, which then came to mean pillow and later, by association, blanket. Anyway, we're struggling over this owl fabric and minkee blanket and she said her first five word sentence ever! She said "My foof! Go foof owl!" We were all stunned because she hadn't been talking much. Now we all go around saying "go foof owl!" when we want something someone else wants. Try it out loud, it's fun!

So my lovely sister decided to make Gigi her OWN foof! Here it is, with model, complete with tiny feet sticking out, like the wicked witch under Dorothy's house.

Sure, she's in a good mood above, but this is what I'm usually treated to.

I call this work of art "Fussbasket of the Universe with feedsack: a study in two year oldness." Click on it to enlarge, if you dare. Don't you just feel like that some days?

So long and thanks for all the foofs! But while you're here, why not check out the gorgeous Amy Butler Trailing Cherries with minkee baby foof my sister has for sale. It has the most gorgeous satin ruffles to feel! Or take a look at her super soft minkee dog beds. Check her out and support handmade!


Katie B. said...

Oh, my gosh. That face! It remind me of my 2-year-old.

karen said...

Poor Gigi! She's hilarious! If you did the photo in black and white and wrote the caption underneath, you could hang it in an art gallery!! Too funny!!!!!

Lisa @ Life with 4! said...

ohhh, that pucker has melted my heart!

Wanda said...

What great photos! And that "2year old face"??? must be hard sometimes to not just snatch her up all the time and hug her! How sweet! I'm glad you are getting the pictures!

Rae said...

haha!!! TOTALLY. That's a great one! :)