Thursday, January 28, 2010

Breaking News! Heather Ross Announces New Line

I'm beside myself! I never did get any of the Far Far Away double gauze that I wanted, but to tell the truth, I like the new line better! The new line is also double gauze and also Far Far Away but with a different cast of characters. Heather just announced it this morning!

This plum colorway below is lovely.

But I also like this meadow colorway.

But the blue colorway above is my favorite!
I love the sleeping princesses and roses! Oh, and moons!

Do you like this one or the original FFA better?


Wendy said...

What!!!!! First I've heard of it! Can't wait to see it in bigger pieces.... looks great so far though. Is it double gauze too?
What a great deal you got on those fabrics in your last post - very happy!

jess said...

These are great! I did get the FFA line and it's okay. I love the feel of the fabric for something different. This though, I can't wait to get my hands on the new line. :)

Karen said...

I love the blue colorway, too. and the middle one...really Wow!! You go, Heather Ross!! Thanks for showing this.

9patchnurse said...

I love the new line (from what I can see, lol) and especially the blue colorway. And Heather is also hinting at some news involving her discontinued lines. OMG!! I hyperventilate thinking about it! Can you imagine how fast that would sell? I love the foofs and your darling is precious, tears and all.