Thursday, April 23, 2009

Free Toys for Strangers

I just found this blog for The Toy Society! Anyone can join. You just make a stuffed toy and leave it outside somewhere for a stranger to find. You also include a note to email the site when it is adopted. I think that is a really sweet piece of public art and I want to join, but I've never made a toy before.

I will try to make something though. I've thought about it some and I think i'd like to make this chick, it seems easy enough (famous last words, right?). I'd like to make this mousie or this scotty dog, but they seem to be patterns for people who know what the heck they're doing! So yeah, not so much.

I just think joining this effort would be a good lesson in giving for my five year old. What do you think? Will you join?


belinda said...

.....*LOL*...this sounds like a cute and fun idea!!!

Rachel said...

I'm not sure if you know her blog, but Jill at made a toy for the drop and has a few entries about it on her blog

West Michigan Quilter said...

This is such a great idea. I'll probably link to your blog later this week. Hope all our readers join in!

Wendy said...

It is a great idea! I made that chick for Sophie this Easter, it was quick and easy and turned out really cute! I left off the pocket and egg... will add that next year when she'll be a bit older.
And yes, our kitchen walls are the same color! How funny !

Wanda said...

I LOVE the idea. But I'm from a small town. I don't know if big city people would be into it. But I love it and think I'll do it too!