Friday, January 8, 2010

All 27 Blocks Done!

Here are all the blocks done! Twenty four on the front and three for the pieced back (last photo). What do you think? Click to see any photo larger.

Upper left quadrant closeup

Upper right quadrant closeup

Lower left quadrant closeup

Lower right quadrant closeup

Three blocks for back.

Amber, you can choose up to five blocks that you dislike and give suggestions for colors/styles to replace them. Also, you can switch placement of blocks around if something is bothering you about how they look. Otherwise, this is how I will sew the quilt together!


Jenny said...

what fun fabrics to work with...this quilt will be fabulous for any child!

Katie B. said...

It looks great. I love all of the apples.

Karen said...

The little pandas and the duck are SO CUTE!!! This fabric is fantastic and the blocks themselves are great. A really good job!!!

Beth said...

wow, with each picture i kept thinking, oh i love that fabric! The quilt looks great, and I am sure it will be lovely all sewn up together!

Alicia said...

Very cute!

Wanda said...

Another winner! The colors are very nice too.