Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Some More Blocks

Here are my blogless mom's blocks for Cancer is Sew Done. Click on the second one to see the embroidery in the center. I'm pretty sure that's salvaged embroidery from a commercial piece, as she tells me the white is salvaged butcher's apron from the 40's!


Your Mom said...

Yes, Wendy, you're right!! The embroidery was part of an embroidered curtain. I only had one panel, so I decided to save it and piece it out! Glad you like them!

A Wonderful Life! said...

I have some vintage fabric, old pillowcases and such thats a great idea for them. Just the tidbits that are really pretty could be placed on the square. Oh I got my fabric for my next quilt i am attempting to hand sew. I am going to post some pics and hitting you up for some help. I just havent had the time this week.