Monday, January 18, 2010

Scrap Love and a Pay It Forward

I'm sure all of you know the modern quilting blog Handmade by Alissa? She is not only in the top five of my favorite blogs (out of the hundred or so that I browse), she also cast the new season of Project Runway that debuted last week! She always has the best projects and the best fabrics. When she gave away some scraps recently, I asked if I could buy some and she just sent me some for free! Don't be jealous yet, you'll be more jealous in a minute...

When I show you the Flea Market Fancy!

Oh, and did I mention the Lush? A fat quarter of the paint dots!

And a quarter of this awesome retro! Check out the funny dog on Saturn! Wow, Alissa was just wayyyy too generous. For free, people!

I also wanted to tell you, I joined Cancer is Sew Done.

Visit Cancer is Sew Done

Basically, you join for a year and make 1-4 blocks each month in the pattern they choose, then you send them in and they make them into quilts to comfort people with cancer. I chose this group because my 30 year old friend, Sarah, is going through chemo this week for the second time in five years. I got crafty Sarah herself to join the pink lemonade group in there, as well as my mom and my sister. So the effort over here is going strong. Won't you join us in pink lemonade? Check it out, it's easy and they even send you some of the fabric you need for your blocks!


Wendy said...

Oh my gosh, that is so sweet of her!
When that fabric came out, I thought, well I really like that, but didn't order any. I really regret it, love it in every quilt I see! I've got some Hope Valley on order, not missing out on that one -

Kamala said...

This is a terrific assortment! Lucky you!!

Katie B. said...

Okay, a little jealous, but she's so generous! Lucky you! And thanks for the Cancer Is Sew Done like. I need to check that out.

Jenny said...

hey wendy, thanks so much for the piece of fabric for my color wheel it in the mail yesterday and its great!

congrats on this splendid pile of scraps and so glad you joined up in Cancer is Sew Done!

Wanda said...

How is it that you always find material that is so "you"? It must be one of your many talents! I have tons of stuff that is so not me that I have to wonder if I was in my right mind on the days I got it!