Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Which One Should I Make???

Well folks, i've been folding and sorting like a madwoman and I am still nowhere near done organizing my stash! I am using a method I read online where you wrap the fabric around a six inch ruler so it all comes out the same size.

I am also preparing to make another quilt my sister has requested, in the same pattern as Dale's Giant Heart Quilt. Heidi has purchased all the supplies and they have just arrived. Check out these giant slabs of fabric! I am a scrapper so i'm used to tiny pieces - it's weird to have these multi-yard monsters laying on the table. I will start cutting tonight!

Now, the question part. I want to make my son a bed quilt for his sixth birthday. I want it to be fun, but also able to grow with him and not look babyish. I asked him what he thought and he said he wanted it to have "squirrels and snakes, oh, and Bakugans". Yeah....okay, so here I am. I am pretty sure I want to do something with squares. I've been very inspired by these two quilts by handmadebyalissa - she has such great stuff, you should check her out!

So the question is this: Which quilt do you think I should make??? Comment and let me know!

This one OR

This other one with solids?

Vote just on the style and pattern, obviously I wouldn't use the same colors!


Fresh Poppy Sisters said...

I like the second one...with the solids, cute site!

RazakFamily said...

I like the second one - with solids...breaks it up a bit and makes the patterns stand out a bit more :)

belinda said...

I like the second one...yes I do!!!

Your stash is looking 'marvelous'!!

Needle Weaver said...

You still have a lot of pink there, girl! Thought we got through that with the flower garden!!

Mushyhed said...

Ooooh hard decision. I have made both and love both. I've made more using the first pattern because it's faster. I think you'll be happy with either one.

Shasta said...

The free toy for strangers sounds like a wonderful idea. As for which cobblestone quilt you should make - I would let the fabric dictate that. See what the squirrels and snakes and Bakugans look like and work around that.

metrosupialdesigns said...

Darker backgrounds are always a good idea with wee ones.

I love the idea of the toy society.

Tonya's Sewing Room said...

I'm probably late with this, but I like the pink squares quilt.