Sunday, April 12, 2009

Got Gnomes?! Sunday Stash

I do! A whole yard of gnomes! Hey, that's funny, a yard of gnomes. You know, because they live in your yard? Well, anyway, I've got gnomes! Sounds like a medical condition, but one I'm glad to have. My wonderful boss Angela knows me very, very well and for my birthday last week bought me a whole yard of gnomes on ebay. Go Angela!

The cuteness of this fabric cannot be overstated. I'd never gotten to see it up close before, but just look at how cute these guys are! I mean, for Pete's sake, the one on top is pushing a wheelbarrow full of red and white mushrooms! Come on! And of course, the trademark Heather Ross softness of fabric.

Here it is on top of what I have so far in my "blue" pile of fabric in my new Bergsbo cabinet. I am hard at work sorting and folding, so this is a sneak peek of a future post showing my total organization.

Happy Easter! Wendy


metrosupialdesigns said...

Lucky girl. I don't know why I never bought this. I have just a bit, from a swap. Thought I'd add it into a blanket for the boy.

susan said...

i thought it was funny
oh geez i am so so jealous of your yard o' gnomes and your fish!!
i just got some pink campers from etsy and will be hoarding it fiercely. what i wouldnt give to find some gnomes and fish that are ridiculously priced
nice boss, DO NOT QUIT your job

Kerri said...

aren't the gnomes so lovely!! i just LOVE that fabric!! so glad you got some, and what a really, really, kind boss!! :)