Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Stash

I was recently "allowed" by my DH to spend $100 on fabric! Yay! So I ran right over to etsy and did my part to help the ailing economy. I've been hoarding these in my etsy favorites folder for months and I finally have them! Two colorways of new Anna Maria Horner (I wanted the pink/red too, but you can't have everything!) plus the blue coriander and the birds I've been dying for.

So cute! Alexander Henry's Tillbrook Sprites and mushrooms. You should see the mushrooms in person. Love it!

And finally, some Japanese i've been coveting: the echino tiger/owl print, the Heather Ross Rabbits and Racecars forest dance, and the hedgehogs! My sister Heidi sent me some scraps of other Heather Ross - bikes and dogs on yellow - to help complete my collection. Thanks Heidi! The Japanese fabric is home decor weight, very stiff and thick. It makes me want to wash it with fabric softener. I'm sure it will be fine mixed into a quilt.

Click any photo to see it larger and enjoy!


belinda said...

Ya dun good girl!!!

Wanda said...

Hurray!!! It must feel like Christmas on days like this! Beautiful fabric

Allison said...

I cant believe you make everything by hand without a machine!!! That is awesome though, I wish I had the patience for something like that. Maybe one day I will make a quilt start to finish by hand just to say I did. But for now I'll just admire yours!

Christina Lowry said...

Don't you just love it when you have money allocated to fabric! I am going to the Stitches and Craft show tomorrow with allocated money for fabric... Yay!! :)
PS. Great choices too, love the Japanese ones.

Anonymous said...

I love those woodland animals. I have them in blue. Was going to do a corkboard cover for Roan, but he has no room to put it.

Looks like you've been busy. Love the heart quilt with the morning glory print.