Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's A Quilt Party!

Ok, maybe it was Jimmy's 8th birthday party. But to me it was a giving-him-the-patriotic-quilt party! Jimmy (center here) is the oldest stepson of my oldest stepson. We took all the kids to an Easter egg hunt, then to McDonald's for the playscape and then later over to our house.

I made him his requested strawberry cake from scratch with scratch frosting. I managed to find a recipe that didn't have boxed mix, jello, corn syrup or food coloring at all, which wasn't easy! I finally found it on the blog of a fellow Austinite, Confections of a Foodie Bride. So funny to search the whole internet and find what you want a few miles away. It was very easy to make and all the strawberry flavor and color comes only from frozen whole berries (no syrup).

Jimmy has four brothers, you can see them all in the photo. From right to left they are Gavin, his fraternal twin Tristan, then Jimmy, then my son Wolf, then Linden and finally baby Axel who will be a month old tomorrow. My 15 month old, Gigi, is missing, already in bed. Here they are eating Jimmy's favorite meal, breakfast for dinner! I made waffles from scratch in my 80 year old round waffle iron, scrambled eggs and thick-cut bacon. And yes, every room in our house IS painted a different bright color.

Jimmy loves his quilt!

double click any photo to make it larger and enjoy! Wendy


sunshine said...

Wow, he looks really happy about that quilt!

The Quilt Buddy said...

The cake looks delicious! Congrats on your new quilt! It is beautiful!

Shawnda said...

It looks like they had a blast! Glad you guys enjoyed the cake!

I Love Baby Quilts! said...

Thanks Shawnda (Foodie Bride)!

Allison said...

Hey Wendy thanks for stopping by and saying hello! THat little cars fabric is a japanese print I bought probably four months ago. I think its called cars on a road? You might be able to find it still, good luck! -Allison

belinda said...

AAAUUUuuuuuh! Isn't that just wonderful to give the quilt...that...obviously he LOVES!!
You did a marvelous job on it!!!